Integrated Healthworks - Solutions for Mind Body Spirit and Life  

We look forward to serving you in our new upgraded office.
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Our Mission Statement

Provide an integrated wellness center through which clients are encouraged to achieve their optimal well-being

Integrated Healthworks is a mind, body, spirit, and life center dedicated to providing wellness services for the whole person to improve the quality of life. In keeping with this commitment, our center provides therapeutic counseling, play therapy, educational and psychological testing, co-parenting training, and life coaching.

At Integrated Healthworks, we believe that individuals have the power to create wellness in their life. Wellness is more than the absence of disease; it is a state of optimal well-being. It goes beyond the curing of illness to achieving health. Through the ongoing integration of our emotional, psychological, and spiritual self, each person has the opportunity to create and preserve a whole, happy life. Our services are designed to provide our clients an integrated solution for their mind, body, spirit, and life to enhance their lives and resolve issues.